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Replacement Battries


Important Battery Infomation

The LS 4.0 Lithium Series Triggers are designed to operate with a single Li-Ion 14500 3.7V rechargeable battery ONLY. Using any other type of battery may cause damage to the charging system (Professional Models) and the battery itself.

In accordance with postal regulations regarding the shipment of Li-Ion batteries, your AEO LS 4.0 Trigger is shipped with a partially depleted rechargeable Li-Ion 14500 battery. Before using your device, ensure the battery has been completely charged. Once charged, the device is designed to operate for over 180 hours continuously on a single charge.

Pro Models are equipped with a built in Li-Ion battery charger that derives power from any USB source via a Micro-B USB connector on the RIGHT side of the device. When powered via USB, the USB LED indicator is ORANGE during a charge cycle, GREEN when the charge cycle is complete.

See the Cables page of this website to obtain USB or automobile (cigarette lighter) interface charging cables.

AEO Part #BAT14500
900 mAh 3.7V Battery only
Free Shipping in USA
Delivery 7-10 Days ARO

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